Pretty and Perching: Love your image, period!

Hello and welcome to MY perch. My name is Tennielle, and I’d like to spend a few minutes getting to know you. First, let’s start with a question: what don’t you like about yourself? Is it your stomach? Your hair? I know there’s something. The reason I know is that I’ve seen you from my perch. I see you, young or old, insecure and afraid to be seen, hidden behind the comfort of being invisible. But yet, when you want to be seen, no one is around to look at you. Then the loneliness sets in. You feel trapped, irrelevant, and forgotten.

This is heavy stuff, I know. It’s not for people who want to lose weight or change the surface. Nor is it meant to make you feel sad or unwanted. I ask this question, and many more, to understand why you sit on your perch, alone, watching the world pass you by. You shouldn’t let life’s unfair experiences rob you of having an organic and healthy relationship with your body. You deserve to feel like somebody important.

Pretty and Perched was designed to help you forgive your body so you’ll be in a good place. In this site, you’ll find all the tools needed to be pretty while you’re perching. I’ve got blog posts that’ll give you guidance and direction during the moments when you feel like it’s just too much. On my services page, Time to Perch, I give you options to transform the inside so it shows on the outside. By the end of our experience together, perching won’t mean being alone. You’ll delight in the joy of positioning yourself for others to see, in a way that honors your mind, body, and spirit.

Give me your insecurity, your low self-esteem, and your fear, everything that makes you feel like you have to perch alone. And in return, I’ll perch with you, and we’ll work through the thick of it together.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s perch!

Use our Contact Us page to find out how it feels to learn how to forgive your body and create the life you were promised.


love you lots,