About Me

Tennielle Clark:  Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach 

Becoming a coach meant having to dig deep.  I have taken my personal experience and infused my life with beliefs that center around love, respect, and accepting your body as a beautiful vessel. In the past, I struggled with weight and overall body image. This lead me to become really good at watching other people live out their lives, thin and beautiful, while I perched on my limb. I felt like no one ever noticed me, and in return, I didn’t want to be noticed. After suffering from shame and loathing in the curse that I had “brought this upon myself,” I started a diet. And then something happened.

I shed the weight and lost myself along the way. My greatest accomplishment had diminished my soul because I didn’t do it for the right reason. This prompted me to change the inside so I could better represent my body-positive beliefs on the outside. And from there, the real work began.

As I worked on making a true change on the inside, I came across a young lady who was struggling with similar issues. Right then and there, a conversation started which led to this young woman adding real value to her life. From there, I stepped into the beginning stages of what is now known as “Pretty and Perching.”

Today, I spread the message of “Pretty and Perching” through my blog, clothing endorsements, and body-positive training with strategy sessions. Along with this company, I give back to the community as the owner and founder of It Takes a Village Concierge, a home needs company and my skin care line, My Skin Matters, that focuses on products that enhance your current beauty.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, from the University of West Georgia. I am a member of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta-Young Professionals; I currently am a member of the Personal & Professional Committee and is a youth mentor, with the Urban League. To add, I am a member of the LadyPrenuer League; an Atlanta- based organization bent on creating a bustling community of women entrepreneurs.