Meeting the Jiggle – Head on

How to realize that you are not alone when it comes to working out and then creating a strategy to NEVER feel that way again.


You are 300 pounds, it’s time to change your clothes for gym and the beads of sweat, begin to collect and congregate on the very top of your lip. You can hear your heart beating in your ear and the world goes on mute. As you walk to the very back of the of the most dimly lit area, you realize, it is near the shower stalls, where all the sexy-freely naked-long legged women are. As you watch them creating a parade line from the shower to their lockers, you realize that they are walking your way. They are walking in your direction, unbothered that you are standing there (still dressed). They continue on with their conversations, all the while wrapping their wet hair in a towel and putting on lotion, naked.


At one point, you realize that they don’t see you, even though you are standing in the same place……you aren’t there. so , what do you do? You take advantage of the moment and begin to suck in your stomach and make sure that your panties aren’t rolled up under your stomach and your sports bra is sliding under your current shirt. You are thinking, How the hell are you going to switch your real bra- for your sports bra and pray that the other women won’t see your back fat AND belly jiggle?? You drop your shorts on the floor and you have to bend over and pick it up. That’s when the sweat dampens not only your shirt but your desire to actually walk out of the locker room and get on the treadmill. You are frozen because you just know that you have now made yourself, visible.


Now that you are pantless and realized that you spent 20 minutes trying to change your clothes, you say “screw it”, put your head down, grab the pants and change. You act like you don’t care but you can tell, they are making fun of you or thanking God that they don’t have your body. You activate your go-to avatar, walk out of the locker room and into the gym. As a big girl, you resign yourself to only taking the classes that you think ,THEY believe you should take. So, you sign up for the safe classes, that are acceptable; ZUMBA, step class and the good ole’ aerobics.


I was there! You and I are the same person. I dreaded changing in a public area; I couldn’t fit comfortably, in the regular stalls. I dreaded working out and I felt so much anxiety over sweating in public. Funny story…..THAT IS WHY YOU ARE AT THE GYM. TO SWEAT.  SO SWEAT!!!




When I had gastric sleeve surgery, I made a decision to be real with myself and feel present. I worked out like I never had before and it was scary as hell. I wore spanx under my gym clothes and did the minimal work because I didn’t want people to see the fat girl sweating. I stayed in the far back, corner and tried not to work out too hard. I didn’t want people to think that I  smelled bad. Hunty! When I had that surgery. I made a decision that I was going to make a fool out of myself, in order for me to LIVE! I went from being afraid of running on a treadmill, because my back fat would jiggle…… running on the freakin treadmill. I went from being afraid of using the treadmill(period) because I feared that people would hear the treadmill’s sounds…… turning up my headphones and running on the freakin treadmill. I worked my way up from Zumba to Kickboxing, 7 days a week. It worked! I got out of my head and into my body. I listened to what my body needed and I responded. Losing 92 pounds was was the most torturous experience of my life. But it was worth every tear, muscle ache, belly jiggle or thigh rub. I became stronger and I started to push myself, just a little bit more.



As an Emotional Journey Strategist, I took my first hand experience, of workout anxiety and created a few workout hacks that helped boost my confidence and motivate me to work that thang! Wanna see it? Here it goes….


How to prepare for the workout and reduce anxiety/stress:

    1. Buy a pair of high waisted- performance -yoga pants. I relied on Old Navy and this awesome site: Not every time, but some times, I wear really cute tops. I found my favorite online TEE store: Tees in the trap. Rainbeau Curves :  to help me choose the right fit for my body. This site gave me the courage to peruse the cutest workout gear and not have to lean into the good ole’ black,color. I get the comfort of being able to go hard- on a work out, without fearing that my belly is going to be exposed. The high waisted compression leggings will keep your body in check and the areas you need dry….dry. You will thank me later.
    2. Get a nice pair of sneakers. I bought my first pair of sneakers from skechers! The shoes were roomy and conformed to my feet. My size 10, wide feet, finally found a home.
    3. Prepare a gym bag.Change at work or at home. I devote about 15 minutes before I am to leave and I change. It is a freeing feeling when you are able change your clothes and walk out like a boss.
    4. Make sure you have a playlist with nothing but “ I am woman hear me roar”, “ I’m a sexy mutha…” songs. Make sure your phone is charged and your headset is working, perfectly.
    5. Sweet sweat! OMG. this is everything. I apply this to my stomach and back fat; it helps accelerate sweating, in all the right places. **Please refer to the directions before use. 
    6. Join one class that you can feel out. I took zumba classes and it was so much fun. It gave me the confidence to move my body and welcome the sweat. After that, I chose one class that would require me to stretch my fitness strengths. It took me months but I was in no rush. Now, I’m a kickboxing Boss!


Good luck. I am so proud of you and you are going to rock your next workout!


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