Pick your friends like you pick your fruit

Some connections are made over drinks or bathroom breaks. For women, it is easy to connect, almost anywhere. My connection came from a friend at work; we talked about everything! He would tell me abut his wife and how ah-mazing she is. He spoke of the pain they experienced, after suffering through miscarriages and then the beauty of giving birth to baby girl. I prayed for him and his family, after learning that the baby was born a premie and was in the hospital. This baby has grown up to be beautiful but I know that through her parent’s she is going to walk through fire and she is going to tell everyone about how God is so good

Every time my bud would pass by and we would chat, it would circle back to his wife (naturally) and how great of a photographer she was back in GHANA. He mentioned that she had an Instagram page and grew a following & Blog. He mentioned that I should reach out to her, for a session. Since I was dabbling with a few ideas, I did.

Shooting with Dana was like having conversations with a friend. We talked about EVERYTHING; our love for our husbands, our hurts and our dreams. At the time, our shoot was for a business that I was starting. I was going to be a life coach and help women learn to forgive their bodies and create this life they were promised. I told her that I didn’t know what I was doing and the idea was fresh.Dana and I chatted for moments on that and THEN she stopped me.

She stopped me and said that I should start a blog and put my images on Instagram. she said that I need to share my story because there are women out there that feel how I felt. They needed me as much as I needed to be heard. I thought she was crazy. I felt stuck but inside of me were dreams and missions that were never experienced, because I never tried. I never tried because I was afraid. After talking to Dana, she made me feel like I could fly and that anything was possible, with the right direction.

After our shoot, I waited a few days for the pictures to come. I just knew that the way she made me feel is the way I would look . I opened the images and cried. I hated everyone of them. I even told her. I focused so much on my flaws. My rolls, spotty legs, breakouts, lumps and bumps. I hated seeing me. I didn’t see ME, the way she saw ME or how I felt, in the moment. I was so disappointed.I wasn’t disappointed with her but with me. I couldn’t believe what I was doing to me.That night, I reviewed the images over and over and over again. I began to look at the pictures from the experiences I had with her. I remember when we talk about love and travel. we talked about insecurities. we laughed a lot. we met strangers and created a story, behind it. I remember how she made me feel safe posing and when my hair disagreed with the wind, she brushed it back

( like a mom taking a picture of her kid on the first day of school).

we created moments together and she helped me own IT. I enjoyed shooting with her and now, when I look back, I cannot believe I shot my first shoot. I really can’t believe that I shot my first shoot with Dana, the most incredible mother, wife, blogger of LIVE BEAUTIFUL MAMA! You never know who is going to be in your life and for what reason. I do know that she was put in my life to gently remind me of what I have hidden. I had to thank her. I needed someone strong to put me in the right direction and for that, I am forever grateful. That shoot helped me open my heart to things I would have never acknowledged. When I stopped looking at a shoot for how it made me look BUT how I could make someone feel……it was a game changer.

Thank you Dana with LIVE BEAUTIFUL MAMA Because you are living life beautifully….. mama! 🙂
Be sure to follow her on iG see her visual storytelling, of being a wife-mother- photographer: livebeautifulmama and her professional photo page on IG : Danasferrerphoto

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