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Do you need a speaker who is full of heart? I cover various topics that will enlighten you and help you discover the beautiful person you were intended to be. All training topics cover the steps needed to unearth your truth and live authentically each day. No more hiding!


The Invisible Woman: This is the foundation of Pretty and Perching Coaching. At one time or another in our lives, we’ve felt invisible. We interact with other people, but they don’t see us. And we don’t see them, either. We feel alone and forgotten, even when we are surrounded by people who love and cherish us. During this talk, I will pinpoint the main reasons why we feel invisible and how to diminish the loneliness that can overshadow us.


Get Off Autopilot: This topic is a favorite amongst women who have lost the sight and path to what it is that they truly want. I will help you get off autopilot and stay true to who you were meant to be. You will have the ability to be present in your life and enjoy the purpose that was intended for you all along.


Weight: Let me start by saying that I’ve been where you are. When I was 300 pounds, I felt invisible and ashamed of who I was. During this talk, I’ll help you forgive your body and change your attitude toward the way you look at yourself. This isn’t a phony, “love the skin you’re in” talk. We will dive deep into how that number on the scale can destroy our lives. When you leave from this engagement, you’ll have a better understanding of what is and isn’t true about your body and how to handle the inward transformation that has to happen.


Overcoming Negative Experiences: This topic is very unique. We will focus on how you can stand in your own truth, or mess, and accept what has happened to you in the past. From here, we’ll define the true you so your thoughts will stay focused on the future, not the past.

The Masks We Wear: The cover up is real! If you ever feel the need to hide your true self, this topic is for you. During this talk, I’ll go into how that feeling that you enjoy behind your mask will get you nowhere.

How to find the start button: Do you know what to do when your crutch breaks on you? With this speaking topic, I will help you stand up tall and claim the person you were meant to be. We’ll identify what exactly it is that you want and break you free from the negative influences that are holding you back.


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