Stay Hydrated My Friends

Stay Hydrated my friends


I am, in my own way, trying to figure out the route to true hydration. I have struggled with the navigating my way through head hunger and physical hunger.


Head Hunger, in its simplest form is when you just ate but for some reason, you could still eat something else. It is when you are physically satiated and your body isn’t craving food but for some reason (whether your cubemate opens a bag of chips, you smell pizza or something triggers your senses) you want to eat something. Head hunger is the devil and it is the very downfall of many diet attempts.


Physical Hunger is when you feel yourself getting hungry after a significant amount of time has passed, since your last meal. It is hard to concentrate, time may feel like it is moving slower and you might be tripping your way into the HANGRY zone.


Now what does this have to do with being hydrated? I’ll tell you why. Most of the time you AREN’T hungry. What is happening, when you are experiencing head hunger……your body is actually telling you that you are thirsty. I know right! Let that sink in for just a sec.

Your body doesn’t necessarily have another line of communication to tell you that it is thirsty. Yeah, maybe your throat will get dry but ultimately, your body will soak up as much moisture as it can. You may not know this but your body is sucking the moisture out of the grapes that you are eating, the sandwiches, etc. You may wonder why you are eating more than usual? Welp, that is the culprit. Since you aren’t drinking enough water, your body is trying to get water from any source that it can.


Here are a few things to look for when it comes to dehydration:

  1. Your breath stinks?! Yup. when your mouth is dry, it becomes a host to many problems… bacteria!
  2. Stank Attitude. You may not know why but you are thinking of punching someone in the face and it could be for the dumbest reason. Something like they didn’t say hey to you, on their way to the breakroom. Or your husband put the remote on his side of the bed, knowing that he goes to sleep before you.
  3. You are backed all the way up. When your body doesn’t have enough moisture, especially your colon, it is going to try to retain as much water as it can. If your colon cannot get the moisture, it can’t move what it needs to move (like your bowels).
  4. You be crampin like a mother. I know that is weird to think that your body cramps when it doesn’t have enough water and you are dehydrated. You are lacking the magnesium, potassium and the electrolytes that help make your body function normally. Imagine getting a charley horse all over your body and the perfect remedy is just 8 glasses a day. Crazy right?


This list goes on to dig deeper into dehydration BUT let’s focus on preventative care. Water or Infused water is the way to get hydrated. I know you were thinking that I would bring up powerade or gatorade. I would because they have an excellent  source of electrolytes. I am not going to add them to the list because of SUGAR.


Here is an awesome list of how you can really get the best stuff from being hydrated.

  1. Your skin will thank you. It won’t look so dry and ashy. You can actually plump up your skin and glow (literally) from within
  2. You can go to bathroom without force or tears. With proper water flow, you are able to give your colon a break and you can poo as much as you want to. Yup! You can thank me later.
  3. You lessen the amount of UTIs in your future. You are literally flushing away the bacteria and other nasty stuff that is inside of you. Peeing more gets rid of that stuff and you aren’t sidelined and can enjoy more intimate time with your partner.
  4. You won’t feel as bloated. Now this is a tricky one because there are other reasons why you are bloated but drinking more water helps get rid of excess fluid. The fluid build-up is what causes feeling and being bloated. Drinking more water takes care of that and you won’t have to worry about fitting into those pants on certain days. You can just slide into your favorite jeans and keep it truckin.
  5. Your overall wellness will be better. I have heard that some people feel like they are a different person when they drink more water. They believe that their attitude improves and they are in better spirits. Think about it. We are a source of energy. Water releases toxins from your body. Imagine getting a really dope massage. What is the first thing your massage therapist tells you? She/he will say to drink water. If they are worth their salt, they will have some for you, after your session is done.


Here are some fun ways to level with your water intake, especially if you hate drinking water.

  1. Get fun water bottles.
    1. Infused water bottles are the cat’s pajamas. I am telling you. I have 2 different bottles. One from target and the other from God knows where. I use them because they are super cute but I get to enjoy fruit at any time. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about the calorie intake as much or at all.
    2. Check out these infused water bottles and tell me what you think:


    1. Mess in A bottle
    2. Infused water PITCHER!!!! Woo hoo. This will save so many trips and fruit :Infused water pitcher in the house
    3. Lastly…….. When you just want to get your daily water intake out of the way, try a 3 liter water bottle. I found one on amazon. It comes in cool colors and a handle so you can tote it anywhere you like (even the bathroom).

3 liter water bottle


**** I forgot to add tea. It is a great source of  water intake and since it tastes so good. *****


Now that you have a good idea as to how to get started. Listen to your body. If you just ate and 2 hours have passed. If your stomach is growling and you are thinking you should grab a snack, listen to your mom for a change and drink some water first!


You probably aren’t hungry, just thirsty. Give it about 45 minutes and check-in with yourself to see if the hunger is still there. It probably won’t be and you just saved yourself unnecessary calories.


Comment below and let me know what kind of bottles you use to remain hydrated. Your input is important!



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