“Stripes, Bright Patterns, Bodysuits, OH MY!

Curvy girls don’t wear horizontal stripes. They don’t wear leggings. They don’t wear bathing suits. They CERTAINLY DON’T wear bodysuits. LIES, LIES LIES!!!! Read on as I explore the feelings of shopping out of your comfort zone and into your OWN!


     With every weight loss benchmark, I had these mental tick marks that would be checked off the “I could never do that” list. You know that feeling? The feeling where you can cross your legs, without using your hand to aid one leg over the other…… is one of the best-feelings-ever!


The feeling when you can sit in a chair and feel the space on boths sides……is the best-feeling-ever! No wait. Walking into a store, seeing something that you like and actually having the unmitigated gall to pick your size…….going to the fitting room……taking off your clothes……putting on that article of clothing ANNNNNNNNDDDD holy Sh$t, it fits!!!!! That is the BEST FEELING EVER!! Seriously, IT fits and you don’t want the moment to end; this feeling is different because you are not leaving the dressing room, in tears. You are leaving with that article of clothing, in your hand and straight to the cash register.


In the beginning, each time that you leave a store, there is that one article of clothing that you have been conditioned, to walk past and never-ever think of wearing. Can we talk about the feeling that you get when you get the nerve to actually see if they have it in YOUR size? Or the nerve you must have to actually walk to the fitting room and try that bad boy on????


When it happened to me, can I just tell you that my heart was pounding  out of my chest. I was paranoid that other people could see my sweat stains, from the major pool of liquid making its way down my face, down my neck and being absorbed into my clothing. The funny thing is, just recently, I marched into H&M and specifically asked for the area that had the bodysuits. I have passed the bodysuits all summer. I actually skipped over the online images of Khloe Kardashian showing that “milk does a body good”, in those bodysuits.


I listened to voice that was inside my head that said “They will see your back fat, in that”. I listened for the entire summer. I am not sure what happened, during SUMMER 16’, but there was a light switch that was purposefully turned on. During my anniversary trip, with my husband,  to Nashville, Tennessee, I just happened to find my way to the mall. I saw the H&M sign and had to see what they had in store. My timing was impressive because they were rolling out the fall collection and I walked right into it.2016-08-26-13-04-092016-08-26-12-31-23


I am not sure if it is the “new town, where nobody knows my name” or the fact that I got off of autopilot. I just knew that I had to get a bodysuit. I asked the associate where the bodysuits were and immediately went for the black one; I was feeling brave but not that brave. The associate said,” here is another one I think you might like”. “This one is in cream”. My initial reaction was “hell no!” what are people going to say? “My body isn’t exactly where I want it  to be”. I started to go back into my auto pilot mode and I stopped myself and said “screw it”. If I can jump out of an airplane, go ziplining, whitewater rafting and have surgery……clearly, I can wear a bodysuit; I can wear the bodysuit in Cream, too!   So, I did. I put the safe, black color back and snatched the cream one, before my mind got the better of me. I tried on the suit and NEVER-LOOKED-BACK. My back fat shows a bit, but  I am rocking this suit as if Khloe herself, handed it to me. I put the thoughts on mute and just went for it. Do you want that? What article of clothing are you wanting to wear, that would make you feel like you could walk through fire? I have got to hear about it!  Believe me. I get it and if you don’t, you will soon.



In the meantime, I have created 5 strategies that will give you a push to wear what you want and flaunt it, in style!


  1. If you have walked passed that item more than 3 times and it is still on your mind……go to the store and try it on. If it doesn’t fit in the store. It doesn’t mean it is not for you. It just means we have to expand our search to the online gawds. www.hm.com/us;  www.forever21.com ; www.asos.com are great online resources, for curvy lady.  I know that going into the store and trying it on could feel good BUT having a package, with my name written all over it, makes me feel like it’s christmas-every time.
  2. Walk into the store and pick up 3 of the same item, just in different styles or colors.  If you are afraid that people are looking and judging(which they are not)…….Grab a 4th item that acts as a great partner to your clothes. I grabbed the bodysuit and a really cute high slit skirt. I walked straight to the fitting room and all was well.
  3. I believe that music and words heal. I shop with headphones. I like to listen to things that give me confidence and put me in a frame of mind that promotes courage and excitement. The music puts on blinders and I can focus on what I am trying to do.
  4. If you don’t want to shop alone or online, put out a call to the squad and let them know you are buying_________. You may want a support system to cheer you on. You might want to leave that friend that ALWAYS has to be brutally honest- at home. Yes she tells the truth. This time, let your body tell the truth and your friends boost the truth.
  5. Take a picture of yourself. Save it for your personal archive or post that ISH for the gram. Once you out yourself and promote this change; the ball is already rolling and you have to wear , like everyday.



I just know that once you put that bodysuit (or whatever your choice is) on, there is going to be a shift. You are going to stop being the girl that a could never…….to girl that “did that”!!! You got this. Just know that I am in your ear, cheering you on and shouting “WHOOP WHOOP! Go Head SEXY MAMA”


Until next time- TATA


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