The Candy Vault Spa Review

What makes the heart of Edgewood, Atlanta?

I believe, it’s Jennifer and Shawna; the owners of The Candy Vault Spa.


As a partnership, they preserved the edgewood culture, by creating this marriage of our urban spirit and personality. By doing so, the Candy Vault Spa sheltered edgewood of the dreaded changes, like: gentrification, appropriation and the washing of a nation.


Being able to experience the grand opening of The Candy Vault, in edgewood, Atlanta, was uplifting. I felt as if I was watching the very re-creation of  the new “black wall street”, but this time……It’s WOMEN! It was ah-mazing. When I walked into the spa, my heart swelled with pride ,  when I saw that women were not only the owners BUT the technicians were people of color. The times are changing and the black girl magic is more than an idea but a reality.



Speaking with Jennifer and Shawna, made me realize, that this piece, I was set to write, is more. It’s more than an ah-mazing space, with highly trained nail technicians, homemade sugar scrubs,killer heels and elevated seating. This space exemplifies what it is like to build a community.


Interviewing the owners made me want to go out and build something great, like they did. When you walk into the spa, you will feel the love of her grandma. You will remember where you came from. You will remember where you are going.


Watching this spa as a trendsetter and innovator was intriguing. Their intention was to create an experience for their clients and show them the desire to see something different. They thought of everything; imagine getting your nails done and you walk out in the hottest heels in the market. You can show off your new pedicure and your stems. Absolutely Genius!!!!

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As I made my way through the store, I saw how the owners acted. They were in sync. I could see that they are a great team. My feelings were confirmed when I asked them what their thoughts were about being partners and their answers were great. They believe in collaboration, respect and communication. With those intentions in mind, this spa is set to become more than one location but a franchise.


One rule of advice, that was given,  that rang truer than most:

“Go back to your roots. The objective is to take control of our narrative and recreate what you have and let black women know, you can reclaim what belongs to us”.


Wherever you are, visit and enjoy the experience of The Candy Vault Spa. You will feel the love of a grandmother, soft skin from fragrant scrubs and a community that will always be honored.


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