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Are you ready to have a body positive experience? There are several ways we can perch together. I help women learn how to be pretty while they’re perching in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Check out the programs listed below and see which one works best for you!

Program Name: How to find the start button

  • Perching Style: One on One
  • How to get started: You have options to choose an  In person, Webinar Experience!
  • Description: Often times, we want to make changes in our lives; a strong desire to see what the other side of your life could be. Our problem is we don’t know how to get started. This program gives you the courage to start and create the path you’re seeking. During these one on one engagement sessions, we will discuss the following: common points of pain, the endless cycle of repeating the same mistakes, how to name the ego, identify the trigger points, claim it and then create a customized strategy that will be your very own, activated “start button.”

Program Name: How to deal with Muscle Memory

  • Perching Style: One on One
  • How to get started: You have options to choose an In person, Webinar  Experience!
  • Description: Sometimes we fail because we have doubts, name callers/haters who bring us down, or past memories that make us regress to the beginning. We play this start/stop game; we start until the pain comes up and then we retreat. We are fooled into thinking that once we hit a goal or even start to try, the pain will go away forever. Then the pain doesn’t go away. During this program, you’ll become aware of your pain and learn how to speak to it. When you can speak to your pain, you own it. Then you can feel less of it.


Program Name: Mastermind Meeting:

  • Perching Style: VIP Experience
  • How to get started: You have options to choose One to One or Group Workshop Experience
  • Description: We are going to get into it! 6 hours of making it all about you. During this meeting, we’ll focus on healing, feeling heard and creating a Body Positive action plan.  We’ll tackle finding the start button, how to deal with muscle memory and master the Negative Self-talk Strategy Guide. After we complete this all-day workshop, you’ll walk away with resources, a complete plan for growth and an after-care session (shopping experience, face your fear movement, etc.)

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